near our vacation rental in Sobrestany

Please remember that in Spain people lunch is more important than diner, and that many people eat lunch in a "menu restaurant", where 3 dishes are offered for around 12€. If you go in the evening to the same restaurant, those same dishes (if available and not substituted by a more expensive counterpart) usually cost from 25€ up. Menus include beverage (water or wine) and bread.



Directly in Bellcaire, only 2 km from Sobrestany, the beautiful restaurant l'Horta offers menus from 15€ on weekdays with excellent dishes. A la carte also at night and on weekends. Thursday in the menu: the typical Catalan rice "arrós a la cassola"!

La Fonda Mitjà


In the very heart of Torroella you'll find a real culinary gem. La Fonda Mitjà offers an excellent 4-course-menu for only 12€. They offer traditional and popular dishes. If you arrive after 1pm, calculate a short waiting time before you get a table.

Ca la Nati

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In the entrance of nearby Albons, Ca La Nati offers a slightly more expensive menu, albeit the quality is not necessarily better. Avoid simple dishes as a steak - it's just that, a piece of meat with fries- and try instead more elaborated traditional Catalan dishes.